400 Jefferson St. Carlisle, IA 50047 - Phone: 515.314.1510
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Welcome to Stark Redemption.com!

Stark Redemption is the new can recycling option for Carlisle and the surrounding area. Stark Redemption is a full service redemption center redeeming all containers having an Iowa refund. We take pride in offering a clean and friendly environment. We provide you quick and easy can and bottle recycling experience. Walk-ins encouraged and we also offer local pick-up option too. Come out and visit us and let us serve you with your can redemption needs.

store hours

Tuesday - Thursday: 10am to 5pm

Friday: 10am-4pm

Saturday: 8am-12pm

Business pickup: Tue-Fri


  • Can Redemption: $.05 per can
  • Full Box Return - $12.00 - no waiting
  • Accepts cans, plastics, and Glass
  • Accept all bags-clear and black
  • Can bags - $.80 per bag
  • Can Boxes - $8.00 per box

what we do

  • Business Pickup
  • (call for information)
  • Can Drives
  • Clean and Friendly Atmosphere
  • Drop off available
  • Quick and easy can recycling
  • Good for environment!

can drives

Scouts, schools, churches, and other organizations can make money with NO SELLING by having a can drive.

There is no pressure on friends and family to support your group by buying an overpriced item they may not even want.

We can set up the drive with you, and arrange for pick-up of the containers.